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The Virtue of Foresight Also known as: Preparedness DEFINITION OF FORESIGHT: Consideration of the consequences of one's actions; thinking ahead PRAYER FOR FORESIGHT: Dear Jesus, when I come upon situations that require serious thought, please send your Holy Spirit to guide me, that I may always do Your holy will. Guide me with Your counsel, an ...more
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Grandparents/Friends & Family Day - March 31
The students of St. John the Evangelist School will be hosting Grandparents/Friends & Family Day on Friday, March 31st.  Students may invite their grandparents or any special adult in their lives (especially if they do not have grandparents who are able to attend).  The event will begin with an Open House at 9:00am.  Grandparents and ...more
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Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program - Empower Illinois
How would you like to support St. John's School instead of giving your money to the State of Illinois? If that sounds like a great idea, consider donating to the Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program through Empower Illinois. Not only will your donation help students at St. John's and our school in general, but, you can receive 75% of your donat ...more
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Do You Qualify for a Tax Credit Scholarship? - Please Check & Apply
  You may qualify for a Tax Credit Scholarship through Empower Illinois!  The following chart shows the income qualifications for a 100%, 75%, or 50% scholarship.   Don't really need a scholarship? If you may qualify, please apply anyway because it could be a great financial benefit to St. John's School.  Please see the ...more
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Applications Being Accepted - Please Share!
Would you or someone you know like to join the St. John family? We are accepting applications for several positions for the 2023-24 School Year. Please send a resume and cover letter to the principal, Mrs. Julie Lake at jlake@stjohnscarrollton.   Note:  We are NOT losing our entire staff. Instead, our school is growing and we are in nee ...more
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Center for American Archeology, Kampsville - Summer Day Camp
Please see the attached flyer for summer day camp opportunities at the Center for American Archeology in Kampsville, IL. ...more
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2022-2023 School Calendar
 Please find a copy of the 2022-2023 School Calendar attached. ...more
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Safe Environment Training (Previously Protecting God's Children) - Info Attached
The Diocese of Springfield requires all adults who may have any contact with the children in our school or parish to take Safe Environment Training (previously call Protecting God's Children) and consent to a Background Check.  If you have previously taken Protecting God's Children, you do not need to take the new Safe Environment Training. ...more
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